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Thread: PSP slim backlight prx plugin?

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    Default PSP slim backlight prx plugin?

    Hello all, I am in need of a backlight plugin so that I can dim my PSP's oh-so-bright-at-night backlight. Omnicrash used to have one that worked, but I can't get that working on my slim. Just doesn't work. It doesn't have to be fancy, but could someone please point me towards a prx that will lower the brightness lvl of my PSP an extra lvl? I would appreciate it very very much. Thank you.

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    Even a LVL 1 brightness still too bright for you? O_o;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocuddle View Post
    Even a LVL 1 brightness still too bright for you? O_o;
    Probably not but sony does what your system to die so that you have to get a new one. The thing is that that screen dims over time and so I can understand if he wants to keep it in good condition. I dim mine.

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