Today, Sony launched the ability for users to change their PSN names, a feature previously announced last October.
As was originally presented, the service allows PS4 users to change their handle either through their PS4 or web browser by signing into PSN on the official website. This can be done once for free; following that, it costs $10 per change or $5 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.
Additionally, an option is available to display the former name next to the new name so friends can recognize one another for 30 days following the change, but the option must be chosen upon the name change and cannot be toggled on or off afterward. There is also an option to revert back to a former ID for free at any time.
However, a new issue has presented itself since the service was announced. Originally, Sony noted that the name change feature would not necessarily be supported by games published prior to April 1, 2018. At the time, Sony said users may encounter issues with games older than this date if they changed their ID, but that reverting back to their original name would solve "most" issues.
Now, Sony says even games published after April 1 of last year may still have issues.