• reNXpack is a tool for repacking Nintendo Switch nsps to work on lower firmwares


    • Repack games, updates and dlcs with lowest encryption keys
    • Convert titlekey encrypted ncas to standard encrypted ncas
    • Patch required firmware version and required application version to zero
    • Support nsps containing multiple games, updates and dlcs

    Some nsps may not work on lower firmwares due to lack of required IPCs

    You should load your keyset file with -k or --keyset option followed by a path to it or place your keyset file with "keys.dat" filename in the same folder as reNXpack
    By default, Created nsp files are located in the same folder as reNXpack with 'titleid_reNXpack.nsp' filename
    You can change output directory with -o, --outdir option
    reNXpack creates "renxpack_extracted_nsp" folder as a temp directory, It deletes the directory content before and after conversion
    If you use -t, --tempdir option to choose a temporary directory, Make sure it's an empty directory and it's not the same as output directory otherwise reNXpack deletes it
    *nix: ./renxpack [options...] <path_to_file.nsp>
    Windows: .\renxpack.exe [options...] <path_to_file.nsp>

    -k, --keyset Set keyset filepath, default filepath is ./keys.dat
    -h, --help Display usage
    -t, --tempdir Set temporary directory path
    -o, --outdir Set output directory path
    Current version: v1.01


    Fixed a bug in repacking updates
    Fixed .cnmt.xml invalid RequiredSystemVersion value

    Initial release

    via https://gbatemp.net/threads/renxpack...mwares.535614/