As its title suggests, PS4 Homebrew Store is a homebrew utility for hacked PlayStation 4 consoles that lets you download/install homebrew directly from the console itself similar to Vita Homebrew Browser. The person behind PS4HS is LightningMods and he received some help from SocraticBliss, TheoryWrong, Znullptr and Flatz while developing it while many others helped with testing. Thanks to his numerous hours of work, PS4HS is pretty feature-packed and it includes:

  • The ability to download apps and install them directly on your PS4
    • It also shows the firmware that a homebrew application is playable on along with release date/a description/author info/APPID
    • You’re shown a progress bar while applications download

  • An auto-updater so you needn’t reinstall the PS4HS application again
  • Optimisations for slow networks, a hard drive cache and the ability to save PS4HS settings
  • Other features such as the ability to uninstall apps, see your local IP address and custom backgrounds and more

What Homebrew is available? How do I install it?

Installing PS4 Homebrew Store is pretty easy if you have a hacked PS4 as all you need to do is:Currently, PS4HS hosts around 50 homebrew applications (split in 7 pages) ranging from utilities, to emulators and homebrew games. Among these, there are NoPSN applications for services such as Netflix, Crunchyroll and Twitch; emulators like PS4NES and PS4-GBEmu; homebrew games like Flappy Bird and much more so you’ll be able to install most of the publicly available PS4 homebrew with it.