REVita’s competition for the PSVita was apparently initiated sometime yesterday on Twitter with the creation of their @REPSP2 account and a tweet announcing the competition.

Unfortunately, information about this game jam isn’t centralised in one place as the people behind it didn’t create a website but the following important information could be condensed from a series of tweets/replies:

  • All entries must be submitted until April 23rd
    • While this sounds short, it is important to note that game jams are meant to be short as the point behind them is to entice developers to come up with original ideas and develop a prototype for them in a short amount of time.
    • Sometimes, prototypes that win competitions are later developed into full games

  • Entries must be original games
    • Initially, ports and engine re-implementations were allowed but the person(s) behind REVita decided to bar them some time after the competition was announced

  • Multiple entries per person are allowed although only one can win a prize

  • Existing projects can’t be submitted although if they receive substantial updates, they can be
  • Prizes can be won by people from any country and entries can make use of virtually any software they wish such as Lua Player Plus (excellent way to start coding if you have no or limited programming experience and it requires very little setting up!), GameMaker (through G*Maker), Unity, VitaSDK and RPGMaker