While the advent of Disney’s historic purchase of Fox means that Marvel finally got back all the cinematic rights to their characters, we learned this week from Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige that we shouldn’t be expecting to see the X-Men debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe any time soon as they’re not part of the immediate plan. As I mentioned in that article though, Marvel’s plan isn’t wholly set in stone, which is how we got Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.
Of course, Spidey’s entry into the MCU was the perfect alignment of several unexpected factors (the failure of Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise being the biggest) that allowed the plan to change suddenly but organically. On top of that, the introduction of the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man into the MCU wasn’t a disruptive event, because he’s simply that: a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. While Holland’s hero brings a great new dynamic to the MCU tapestry, he doesn’t make too big of a global impact on the average citizen in this world.