If you listen to the whispers circling the games business right now, then you may have heard that Xbox and Nintendo are up to something.
From their Minecraft co-promotion to the recent Switch release of Cuphead, past Nintendo calling Microsoft "friends" during its last PR video. The two have been enjoying a real love-in over the past 12 months.
Microsoft and Nintendo have been matey before, of course. Xbox first-party studio Rare developed numerous Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games, and there was a DS version of Age of Empires. In fact, Nintendo even commissioned Rare to develop Diddy Kong Racing DS back in 2007.
That relationship cooled over the years. In 2008, there was a reported licensing disagreement between the two over a HD remake of the N64 classic GoldenEye 007, and that year's Viva Piņata on DS would be the last Rare game on a Nintendo platform. Around that time, Microsoft would start targeting Nintendo's audience, first through the Newton prototype (effectively the Wii Remote for Xbox 360) and eventually with Kinect.