Google has removed the vast majority of Do Global apps from its Play Store and looks to be banning the developer entirely following reports of ad fraud and other policy violations.
Last week, BuzzFeed reported that a number of Do Global's apps contained code that would "click" on ads within the program to generate revenue even when the app itself wasn't open. Others were collecting and sending user data to the developer despite not disclosing they were doing so, and still others did not visibly list Do Global as the owner, violating a policy against concealing ownership information.
Now, Google seems to have begun removing all or most of Do Global's apps from the Google Play Store, with a source speaking to BuzzFeed saying Google would soon be banning the Chinese developer entirely.
Do Global's removal would mark one of the largest bans of a developer on the store, as the company previously had around 100 apps on the store at over half a billion installs, including several games under the name Do Global Games.