• Taking after the button remapping tool from the PlayStation Portable scene days (remaPSP), Rinnegatamante has released v1.0 of remaPSV, a tool which lets you remap the controls on the PlayStation Vita system. The major feature of remaPSV over the standard Vita button assignment function is to allow players to create custom button layouts on a per-game basis. The front and rear touchscreens can be mapped to physical buttons as well. Instructions on how to install the plugin are included below, in addition to the download link.

    How to install

    - Add remaPSV.suprx into your taiHen config file (under *ALL or whatever game you want to use it).
    - Add ioplus.skprx into your taiHen config file (under *KERNEL)
    - To bring the config menu, press START + Square in game.


    - The config menu is ideated thinking at games running at 960x544 resolution. On games running on lower resolution the config menu won't properly display. You can however create config files from another game running at 960x544 and then rename it to make it work on a game running at lower res. You can also manually create config files (more info in the next paragraph). I sincerely hope someone stands up and writes a little homebrew to create said config files since the structure is pretty simple.
    - For implementation simplicity, if a single Touch zone is remapped to a physical button, the touch panel will stop to work as meant originally (meaning the game won't receive touch inputs but instead only emulated physical buttons inputs.
    - The same applies to Rear zones.