• Way back in 2011, a Nintendo DS game card containing a copy of Nitro EVA 1.0 (a software intended for factory and service center use for testing the first model of Nintendo DS; the NTR-001) was allegedly scrapped by Nintendo and sent to a recycling center, but they didn't do a thorough job, and later it was successfully repaired, booted, and dumped!

    With much less fragor, a week ago @loler55 purchased a DS card then-not-better-identified than "Test-NTR" for six Euros, wondering about its contents; luckily, not only it already was in usable condition, but in the eight years elapsed between these two findings, technology marched on - giving every owner of a modded 3DS a very simple method for dumping DS and 3DS cards - and a proven working ROM was quickly dumped and circulated on the Internet.

    In the meanwhile, the card was identified as containing the sixth version of Nitro EVA optimized for the DS Lite (or, as exactly spelled in-app, "Nitro EVA.(USG) Ver6.0"), featuring as expected tests related to the DS Lite's adjustable backlight, as well as some other less obvious changes compared to its known predecessor.
    The Japanese text on the label translates literally as "Actual Machine Inspection Card NTR", or more semantically, as "Card for testing real NTR hardware".