• When it comes to high-selling video game systems, what pops up in most people's minds are likely the PlayStation 2, the Nintendo DS, and of course, the Nintendo Wii. Now that the most recent financial results have been reported, we can see that Sony's PlayStation 4 is closing in on 100 million units sold, with the PS4 selling a grand total of 96.8 million since the system's launch in 2013. 17.8 mil PlayStation 4s were shipped throughout all of 2018, showing a slight decline in sales compared to last year as it reaches the end of its lifespan, while hype begins to build for the upcoming "PlayStation 5". As of April 2019, the PlayStation 4 is the sixth highest selling video game console of all time, sitting just below the Nintendo Wii's 101.6 million, and above its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, which reached 87.4 million. Sony's company analysts project that around 16 million more PS4s will be sold within 2019, and if that expectation is managed, then that'll put the PlayStation 4 above both the PS1 and the Wii, in terms of sales.

    Do you expect the PlayStation 4 to surpass the Nintendo Wii's total sales? With such a successful console on their hands, Sony has a lot to live up to, as they plan for the future and their next home console.