• Physical vs Digital? How about both! Thanks to gcdumptool's latest update you can now dump your Nintendo Switch Game Cards directly to NSP with ease, and it also works on FAT32 microSDs!

    Before going into the specific details, let's take a step back and explain exactly what it does in case any of you are wondering. gcdumptool is a homebrew application made by @DarkMatterCore which, as the name implies, allows you to dump your physical Switch games to your microSD. The app takes extra care to make a 1:1 copy of your Game Cards and also includes a few functions to verify your dump after it's done, as it can check it against an online database (provided by NSWDB) or show you the file's CRC32 so you'll be able to compare it against a good known one. Up until now the application could only dump games to XCI, aka the Switch's native Game Card format, and users had to convert them manually and externally if they wanted installable NSPs instead. However, starting from version 1.0.8, this is no longer the case!

    While this is already good by itself, the real treat is being able to dump cards directly into split NSPs: this will allow easy dumping on FAT32 microSDs as a lot of Switch games are well over 4 GiB in size (thus going over the filesystem's maximum file size)! It doesn't end there, however, as the app will automatically set the directory's archive bit once done to let title installers treat it as a single file, and that means you'll be able to install your game without doing any extra steps. If you want to join your NSP back to a single file anyways you'll be able to do this easily on your PC, as the format is exactly the same as the one used by splitNSP.