Emma 02 v1.30 is released. Emma 02 is an emulator for the relatively unknown COMX-35 computers from the early 80s. Emma 02 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The Emma 02 Emulator is currently emulating the following computers:
Cosmac Elf 2000
Cosmac VIP
Cosmac Elf
Netronics Elf II
Quest Super Elf
RCA Studio II
Visicom COM-100
Victory MPT-02
Telmac TMC-600
Telmac 1800
Telmac 2000
Oscom Nano
Pecom 64
ETI 660

Emma 02 v1.28 Changelog:
Added Microtutor II emulator
GUI improvements, including split of windows/linux and OSX main xrc file allowing for a faster start-up
Added a check if any of the 1802 SW folers are empty; if so a question for re-isntallation of the files will be given on start-up
Changed FRED 2 to FRED 1.5, latest information I have received is that the FRED 2 ran on an 1802 and the 1.5 on an 1801

Added 'SCRT' option in Debug 1802 tab to hide showing tracing for SCRT handling. See help pages for more details.

Video Terminal
Fixed a bug causing external terminal not to work when using an actual terminal via null modem cable
Cosmac Elf, Netronics Elf II, Quest Super Elf
Changed the TIL313 emulation to new graphics as also used in the Microtutor II

VIP2K Membership Card
Added 'Auto Arcade Key Definition' checkbox
Added popup menu

MS 2000
Fixed crash when using popup menu (F7)

Fixed crash when using popup menu (F7)
Added support for second cassette interface

Telmac TMC-600
Fixed crash when using popup menu (F7)