carstene1ns has updated the port of Cave story for the nintendo switch


Copy the executable from the zip archive to your "sdmc:/switch" folder, best is to use a "nxengine-evo" subdirectory, as it will save settings and savegames there.

Default Controls:

Hat - Movement
A - Fire
B - Jump
X - Map
Y - Enter
L/R - Change Weapons
Minus - Pause/Menu
Plus - Inventory

The engine lets you reconfigure the buttons used.


Tons of gameplay/weapons/ai fixes and optimizations (yes, boost jumping works now)
Animated portraits
Strafing, configurable OK/Cancel.
Support for custom soundtracks and playlists.
Configurable SFX/Music volume.
Vita port
Switch port
Out-of-bounds tiles support to make maps look better on high/widescreen resolutions
Dynamic title backgrounds based on 260.rec
New improved and accurate Organya/Pixtone player and overall refactored soundmanager.
Refactored and cleaned up renderer (should make porting to libretro/whatever easier)
Initial mod support (couple of mods are coming later)