• @XorTroll's amiibo MitM and emulation sysmodule for the Switch just received a rather hefty update! With it, we've also got a quick announcement for an upcoming (and related) feature for Goldleaf, so read on if you want to know about both!

    First and foremost, emuiibo v0.2 uses a new format to store data on the microSD card. You won't have to worry about incompatibilities, however, as the homebrew will convert any of the old BIN files automatically upon startup. The new format brings several improvements compared to the old one, as every emulated amiibo gets its own directory with separate contents and a JSON file containing metadata inside. This makes editing your dump's data much easier: for example, one can now edit the JSON with a text editor to change an amiibo's name, its first/last write date or swap its associated Mii painlessly! Talking about Miis, emuiibo will also dump their char-info data on startup, so swapping an emulated amiibo's with your own is as easy as copying a single file.

    If you play a game which gives you a bonus for every different amiibo you own, then you may be interested in this next function: by adding a "randomizeUuid" field to the JSON file and setting it to true, you can tell emuiibo to randomize a dump's unique ID every time it's loaded. By doing so, you can trick said games into giving you that bonus forever, as they'll think you're reading a different figure each time!

    Additionally, emuiibo is now able to emulate and store progress saved in amiibos too. This is used by some games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the new format is also able to enhance this feature, as a real amiibo will only be able to store just one save, while this will allow you to have many for each figure. Last, but not least, the HOME button will now blink whenever you input a button combination to trigger one of the sysmodule's features (for example, when pressing the right stick + up/down to enable/disable it).

    @XorTroll has also announced that Goldleaf's next version will support amiibo dumping using the previously mentioned new format, so you'll be able to store and emulate your own figures with ease! As usual, you can read the full changelog below:

    Quoted from Changelog:

    • Amiibo progress saving support
      • Games like SSBU allow saving their progress on amiibos. Now this is supported by redirecting savedata to files inside amiibo's "areas" directory.
      • This, in fact, provides another advantage, as real amiibos just allow savedata for one title, while this system allows to have multiple saves.

    • Amiibo system changed
      • First of all, don't worry. All amiibo BIN files found in emuiibo dir will be auto-converted to the new system.
      • The new system has every amiibo in a different directory, which contains the amiibo ("amiibo.bin"), a JSON metadata file ("amiibo.json"), an "areas" directory (see above) and a mii char-info copy ("mii.dat").
      • On this system everything can be customized. In order to change miis you would need the char-info data, which is stored inside the console. To help with this, emuiibo will dump all console miis inside "miis" directory in emuiibo dir, named with the index + mii name (example: "0-XorTroll.dat"). To use it, copy to the amiibo dir and name it as "mii.dat".
      • An interesting option can be added to the JSON ("randomizeUuid" boolean), which makes emuiibo randomize the amiibo UUID. Having this means special circumstances in certain games, like being recognized as a different amiibo each time in BotW, hence infinite supply.
      • IMPORTANT! After using 0.2, since the old system gets changed to the new one, 0.1 won't find any amiibos as they're not on the root dir now. Thus, avoid using 0.1 after using 0.2.

    • HOME button LED blink (7.x+, sadly)
      • On firmwares on 7.x or higher, performing a combo makes the HOME button blink, which is a simple and nice system to signal that a combo has been performed. Not supported on previous versions for technical limitations.

    • nfp:emu service changed, with new commands

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    Emuiibo is compatible with both Atmosphère and ReiNX. However, some users have reported crashes at boot with the former: if this happens to you, create an "emuiibo" folder on the root of your microSD card if it doesn't exist and reboot your console.