A few days ago, TheFlow released his long-awaited Trinity Exploit for FW 3.69/3.70 and like h-encore, installing it requires a bit of work. Now, thanks to Bamhm182, liberating your FW 3.69/3.70 PSVita or PSTV can be done in a few clicks thanks to FinTrinity!

FinTrinity, by bamhm182, is a piece of software that automates the vast majority of the Trinity exploit installation process. It uses Python scripting to make things possible and while itís still in development, it worked quite well in my experience and finished its job in a few seconds. As of right now, FinTrinity only supports Windows, has a pretty basic GUI (but itís still enough for most users) and doesnít allow you to choose between multiple game backups if you happen to have multiple PSP games backed up through QCMA as it automatically chooses for you.