Has your PSVita been having issues with its battery like showing an incorrect percentage or shutting off when the battery is allegedly half-full? If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that SKGleba has just released a plugin called batteryFixer which might fix these problems and also make your battery charge a tad faster!

From the plugin’s GitHub readme, the purpose of it is to reset battery information, to allow for recalibration, similar to what would happen if you physically disconnect the battery or execute a syscon keycombo. Other than resetting battery information, it also nukes temporary flags (crash/temperature/load/optimization) which SKGleba says are mostly useless and only serve to make the battery take longer to charge.
If you want to try it out, check out this link and follow the instructions provided to install the plugin (it’s pretty simple to do); SKGleba recommends you use it on a fully-charged battery. The plugin only works with HENkaku-Enso enabled PSVitas (i.e FW 3.60/5)If your PSVita’s battery is working fine, you probably shouldn’t use this plugin as it’ll result in little to no benefit.