Unlike the PSP, backing up saves from a vanilla PSVita is a headache since it requires you to backup the whole application rather than the save data on its own. However, thanks to d3m3vilurr‘s Vita Save Manager, backing up/restoring save game data has been much easier since the early days of HENkaku. Occasionally, this popular utility receives an update and this time, we have a feature-packed Nightly update which brings along:

  • The list mode (similar to the GUI of pre-2.0 versions) has added back
  • The GUI can now be controlled using buttons-only which means that the latest version of Vita Save Manager is compatible with the PSTV
  • A simple configuration screen is opened by pressing SELECT in the main screen (or the R-trigger when in button-only mode)
  • Support for saving game data backups in ur0 and uma0
  • The ACCOUNT_ID field in param.sfo is now automatically replaced

To grab this nightly version of Vita Save Manager, check out this link. If it doesn’t work properly, it’s probably because you need to open it once then close it and re-open it.

Last weekend, Rinnegatamante’s button remapping plugin also received an update which bumped its version number to 1.1. This update brings:

  • A rework of the plugin’s configuration menu so that it can now be used in games that run at a resolution lower than 960×544 (Vita’s native resolution)
  • A frame limiter has been added to the menu so that now, it doesn’t run too fast in some games
  • A typo relating to the R Trigger was fixed
  • Buttons like L3/R3 that aren’t detected in native PSVita games but are available on controllers used with the PSTV are now remappable even on games that don’t support them
  • A code cleanup, the ability to close the menu by pressing SELECT and a menu showing hooked functions (debug purposes)

To download remaPSV 1.1, check out this link and copy the SUPRX file to your PSVita to install it.

Other than new software releases, the last 2 days also saw PSVita Saves going back up. This is a website that lets you upload/download PSVita saves to/from the public which are to be used with Vita Save Manager.
If you appreciate the work of the developers whose homebrew was mentioned in this article, you may donate to them by following the links below for more great releases
Rinnegatamante’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Rinnegatamante
SKGleba’s call for spare PSVita motherboards: https://twitter.com/skgleba/status/1121925907764133889
d3m3vilurr: https://github.com/d3m3vilurr/vita-s...ment-299191733