Without a doubt, a console that many people dream of emulating on their portable devices is the PlayStation 2.

As it stands, emulating it requires a fair deal of power but that didnít stop GBATemp user ĎuyjulianĎ from attempting to run Play!, a PS2 emulator, on his Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the results werenít exactly great as itís been noted that

  • Xenosaga Episode 1 runs at around 10FPS but he says that future speed-ups might increase the framerate to 30FPS
    • Itís important to note that the game runs at 20FPS on a PC (of unspecified specifications) so it may be Play!ís fault.

  • Another GBATemp user noted that Devil May Cry 3 ran at 10-20FPS which was said to be a somewhat playable experience
  • The above results were obtained with aarch64 JIT enabled which means that the emulator needs a lot of optimisations for any PS2 games to ever run well on the Switch
  • Apparently, the joycons donít work and you need to overclock your Switch to the maximum frequency to get anything more than a slideshow which may not be safe to do in the long-term

    As a result, itís safe to say that full-speed PlayStation 2 emulation wonít be a thing on the Switch anytime soon but maybe, just maybe, some less-demanding games will be somewhat playable if Play! sees a lot of progress and speed-ups in the coming years!

    On the other hand, an L4T (Linux 4 Tegra) version of the Lakka Linux distribution,which is aimed to be used with RetroArch emulation, has been released. This release, which shares numerous similarities with the recently-released L4T Ubuntu, has the following improvements over previous Lakka Switch releases:

    • Audio works through the headphones and internal speakers
    • The GPU driver now supports Vulkan
    • RAM is locked at full-speed which is 1600MHz as opposed to 800MHz before
    • Numerous stability improvements and the addition of Yaba Sanshiro (Saturn), Reicast (Dreamcast), mupen64plus-next and others.
    • The Dolphin core got Vulkan support which means that some titles, like Rayman 3, are now playable at full speed!