For quite a while, itís been possible to install a custom boot splash on your PSVita if itís running FW 3.60/5 and various people have come up with cool ideas like the Windows 95 boot screen. Now, Reddit user SvenCuaresma has come up with a very nicely-made classic PC boot-up splash screen that can be easily edited and installed on your PSVita. In the Reddit thread describing his work, files for GIMP/ are provided so that you can modify/omit:

  • The logos
  • PSVita Model
  • Storage Capacity

To grab this boot splash, check out this Reddit thread and follow the instructions to tailor it to your PSVitaís specifications!
On the other hand, ElevenMPV by Joel16 has been updated to version 1.2.0 with a couple of cool features which include a settings menu, proper saving of the last folder visited, support for displaying tag data (title, artist, genre etc) and some minor yet welcome UI improvements. To grab the latest version of ElevenMPV, you can open VHBB and get it from there or check its GitHub release page.

Obviously, all of these releases require space so if youíve got $450 to spare, you should look at the 1TB microSD card linked above (link not affiliated with Wololo). More realistically, you can grab microSD cards of a lesser size like 128GB for manageable prices so perhaps you should look into one of those if you want to fill up your Switch with Wii, GameCube and Dreamcast games