Around two weeks ago, an anonymous developer released PS3HEN and noCFW PS3 consoles were finally able to run native PS3 homebrew and some CFW features for the first time.

Following its release, PS3HEN received numerous updates, first with some minor updates and then a bump to version 2.0 which brought about some pretty important things like ISO and Kernel plugin support. Now, PS3HEN 2.0.2 has been released and it brings along

  • PS2 Classics Launcher support has been added
  • On-the-fly RAP activation with the default paths being usb000/exdata/<rap> or usb001/exdata/<rap>
  • Hybrid Firmware Tools are now available when you have HEN activated
  • The application restriction for Remote Play with PC was removed
  • Game compatibility has been improved with games such as Call Of Duty 3 which crashed now working
  • Official firmware updates through the internet have been blocked, a HEN Updater in the Network section has been added and many other features
  • Many issues were fixed including one regarding official NPDRM content RIF deletion, installing all packages and explore_plugin patches.

To grab PS3HEN 2.0.2, follow this link (it’s at the bottom) and make sure you verify its MD5 hash before installing. Please note that there’s an increased chance of getting banned on PSN if you use PS3HEN so usage should be at your own risk if you’re connected to the internet!