NoNpDRM is a plugin by TheFlow which effectively disables DRM protection on native PSVita games thus allowing you to play your own dumped games on deactivated consoles, lets you run some demos as full games and greatly facilitates you know what to be possible among other things.

Other than TheFlow’s official version, there’s also LMAN’s unofficial version which takes the same code of TheFlow’s plugin and has a few extra features that are not present in the latest official NoNpDRM release (version 1.4). The latest version of LMAN’s unofficial version of NoNpDrm brings along:

Other than having a slightly newer codebase, LMAN’s unofficial version of NoNpDrm also includes support for generating fake license files for themes and support for checking whether existing fake licenses exist before generating such a license.
To grab LMAN’s unofficial NoNpDRM plugin, check out his website and copy the SKPRX to your PSVita. The RAR file that contains the updated plugin also comes with its changelog and source code.

For further updates relating to PS3HEN stuff, you should surely follow esc0rtd3w’s Twitter and check out PSX-Place’s FAQ page about it as it has loads of important information about the hack in one place. On the other hand, if the PS3 or PSVita aren’t your jam, you might be interested in NulledPointer’s PS4HEN 2.1.1 release or melonDS’ recent progress with high-resolution rendering!