As usual, the Retroarch guys are hard at work improving their all-in-one emulation solution and this time, they’ve released version 1.7.7. While this version is more of a minor routine release, it still has some notable features. These include the release of an experimental alpha version of the XBOX One (UWP) version, the addition of RetroArch Settings in the Desktop UI so that you can manage them through a WIMP interface and support for menu widgets with an achievement notification widget being built in.

From a more technical point of view, RetroArch also gained a new OpenGL driver, a legacy OpenGL 1.1 driver which adds compatibility with ancient graphics cards and the main menu is now framerate independent. When it comes to platform-specific additions, we find support for Bluetooth Keyboards/Mice on the PSVita port, vibrate on touch for Android (no idea why anybody would want to use it but it’s there) and a separate macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra) version that makes use of Metal rendering instead of OpenGL rendering but older versions of macOS are still supported through another build.

To grab RetroArch 1.7.7 for the platform of your choice, check out this link