Our friends at Attractions Magazine got invited to go behind the construction walls at Universal Orlando to get the best view we have seen yet of the new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride… which was also testing right in front of them. They also managed to score a very detailed [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]photo[/COLOR] of the coaster trains in action, minus the water test-dummies, where we can now clearly see the different style of lap-bar restraints being used on the bike seats and the sidecar seats.
This is a very different restraint system than the one Intamin used on their Mick Doohan Motocoaster ride in Australia which mainly held the riders in with the use of a restraint bar that would push-up against the rider’s back… not unlike what Disney uses on their Tron coaster in Shanghai Disneyland. Instead this system seems to use a narrow T-bar shaped traditional restraint system on the sidecar rider and a more beefy gut/lapbar on a T-bar for the motorcycle rider that will box them it around the shaped seatback.
No word yet on how accommodating these lapbars are going to be for the bigger riders out there, and Intamin isn’t known for being the most accommodating manufacturer either, so we’ll have to wait until actual riders are put in the seats (or test seats) to know more.
In the meantime, Universal did release a new post on their Blog revealing seven new details about the attraction. The lists includes the confirmed number of launches at 7… making this have more launches than any other coaster in the world. They also confirmed the freefall drop effect that will drop riders 17-feet down at one point during the attraction. Make the leap to check our all the new details released.