Sony execs have elaborated on their priorities for the next PlayStation console, emphasising the importance of backwards compatibility and the need to offer discs, downloads and streaming.
Initial details on its next generation device were revealed last month, and it became a key topic at the company's investor day last week.
President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida began with a breakdown of each area of the business, describing the Game & Network Services division as "the engine that enabled us to record historically high profit last fiscal year for the second consecutive year." He also expects PS4 to surpass 100 million sales worldwide by the end of 2019.
Yoshida centred his comments on the future of PlayStation around two keywords: immersive and seamless, alluding to both the increased power of the next console and the expansion of thestreaming service PlayStation Now.
Following the first details on the PlayStation 4's successor -- still only referred to as a 'next-generation console', rather than specifically named PlayStation 5 -- attendees were shown a video comparing load times for Marvel's Spider-Man. A transition that took eight seconds on PlayStation 4 Pro took 0.8 seconds on the next-gen console.