Sony recently made two announcements with the potential to seriously shape the company's future. The first, which has earned a hell of a lot of headlines, is that it's going to work with Microsoft on cloud services -- a very sensible move given how high the stakes in cloud infrastructure are getting, and a further confirmation of the dramatic turn Microsoft's approach to the gaming space is taking.
The second announcement earned rather less attention, but could nonetheless end up being a defining turn on the road to Sony's future. That announcement concerned a new unit that will handle film and TV productions based on PlayStation game properties: PlayStation Productions.
On the surface, that's nothing new -- game companies have been setting up little divisions aimed at hawking their IP to Hollywood for decades, after all. Success, both creative and commercial, has been extremely limited, but plenty of companies are still pushing this angle. Nintendo is getting behind cross-media adaptations of many of its properties, for example, and several publishers are doing likewise for their top franchises.
"It's essentially the Marvel Studios model, and Sony makes no bones about that being its inspiration"
Sony has a pretty impressive stable of IP, but that's not what makes PlayStation Productions interesting. What makes it interesting, and potentially game-changing if things go well, is that Sony plans to actually handle production of its own projects. It is launching an actual studio, not just an office to farm out IP.