As part of Sonyís theme with the PSVita to lock down every system component as much as possible, even importing music to the console requires you to use QCMA/CMA. Without a doubt, this can be a significant nuisance if you have a large library but until ElevenMPV dropped this April, the stock music player was the only way to play audio in a dedicated music player on the Vita (VitaShell can play audio files but itís a file manager at heart).
ElevenMPV, by Joel16, is a dedicated music player for hacked PlayStation Vita consoles thatís modeled after Eleven, which is the CyanogenMod/LineageOS music player, following the general CyanogenMod theme found in the developerís work with homebrew like 3DShell. This music player allows you to play music files in various formats, such as MP3/FLAC/WAV/OGG and others, and it also has a large amount of features like metadata support and a shuffle function.

Now, itís been updated to version 2.0 and this update brought along:

  • Other than seek support, ElevenMPV 2.0 also brings about the ability to open music from ur0/uma0 which may be useful if you have a huge music library

    The ability to seek (change the time) music by using the touch screen for all supported except OPUS

    • Seeking in FLAC/MP3 files may be a bit slow; OGG seeking might crash if you do a lot seeking in a short period of time but should be fine under normal use.

  • Support for opening media from ur0 and uma0 rather than only ux0
    • This could be very useful if you have a microSD full of music youíd like to use on your PSVita.

  • The ID3v2 character limit has been bumped to 64 characters allowing longer metadata (album title, artist, genre) to be displayed on screen
  • Sonyís dynamic normaliser can now be turned on from the main menu
  • The version of mpg123 being used has been updated to version 1.25.10 and a couple of bug fixes relating to MP3/FLAC playback

To grab ElevenMPV 2.0 and give your PSVita a good music player, check out this link or grab it via VHBB. Issues should be reported to the Issues Tab on GitHub link provided as always.