In a nutshell, Atmosphère is a CFW for Nintendo Switch consoles that are vulnerable to the fusee-gelee exploit. This CFW allows you to make your Switch more useful by letting you installing homebrew (such as Reicast which is a Dreamcast emulator and many open-source ports like NXQuake), overclock your device to 1.785GHz with sys-clk and also modify commercial games among other things.

Every couple of weeks, Atmosphère receives an update and this time we have version 0.8.10 which brings along:

  • Support for changing the language/region on a per-game basis
    • This can be done by editing “atmosphere/titles/<title id>/config.ini” and following the syntax in the release link below

  • Features that check for button presses now listen to all controllers and not just P1
  • The ‘boot’ system module has been re-implemented and it preserves AutoRCM during NAND repair thus fixing an edge case in which fuses could be burnt
  • A bug that caused incorrect memory allocation on FW 5.0.0 has been fixed which results in sysmodules having an extra 12MB of memory allocated to them

To grab Atmosphère 0.8.10, press this link and download the ZIP file provided. It’s important to note that hacking your Switch still carries a real risk of getting banned so thread with caution!