A little under a month ago, nonCFW PS3 consoles (Late Slim/SuperSlim) were liberated which meant they could finally run homebrew and some CFW features thanks to the PS3HEN hack. Ever since its release, this hack has seen numerous updates which added features and squashed bugs with the latest iteration being the recently released version 2.1.1

PS3HEN 2.1.1 brings about some stuff which includes:

  • OFW 4.82 CEX is now supported so you needn’t update to HFW 4.84 in order to use PS3HEN if you’re too lazy to do so
  • The freezing issues experienced in PSNPatch have been fixed which means that it may a bit safer to go online now if you use PSNPatch although there’s still the risk of getting banned
  • Stability patches have been added to the initial boot process
  • HFW Tools will no longer disappear as Remap for HFW_settings is now fully protected
  • PKG linker entries have been added to category_game.xml

In order to grab this updated version of PS3HEN, you may either visit this link OR use the XMB HEN update feature that was introduced with PS3HEN 2.0.2. Checking out PSX-Place’s FAQ on PS3HEN is also recommended as it contains a lot of important information in one place!