SeaWorld Orlando just dropped a bit of a bomb on us all with a surprise teaser about the park’s 2020 project, which has long been rumored to be a new coaster. We’ve been thinking for a while that it would likely be another Jet Ski themed launched rescue coaster like the one they added to the Texas park last year.
But after watching this teaser, I’m having second thoughts about all that… this one seems to have a very cold arctic theme to it, gives the impression that it could have a launch, and mentions “plunging thrills” and “predatory heights” while giving a good impersonation of an Assassin’s Creed style dive from the top of an arctic cliff to the icy waters below.
As I previously mentioned, our sources had mentioned that this summer was expected to be the last for the park’s Wild Arctic attraction, along with the rumor while the animal exhibit may stay, the simulator attraction space could be repurposed to be used for some of the 2020 coaster. Maybe just a themed queue… maybe a station… maybe even some icy caverns and a launch tunnel perhaps? We shall soon see…
I suppose the next question is to wonder who might be building this coaster for SeaWorld. The one company who is most likely not behind it is B&M, the company who built Kraken, Manta and Mako for SeaWorld Orlando, as B&M already has a confirmed coaster going to SeaWorld San Diego in 2020. With Intamin said to be behind the next two coasters opening at Universal Orlando (Hagrid and the Jurassic one now starting construction) I’m not so sure they might be behind this one at SeaWorld. While there are still many other possibilities the best two could be either Premier Rides or Mack Rides. Premier has just finished building their third launched coaster for the company with the opening of Tigris at Busch Gardens Tampa, while Mack Rides was selected to build the launched family coaster version of Mantis at SeaWorld San Diego. Mack Rides is no stranger to the SeaWorld parks however, as they also built all three of the Journey To Atlantis attractions and just finished a track rebuild of the San Diego version that just reopened this week. Long Shot… maybe Zierer, who was behind the Verbolten coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa which features launches as well as a themed freefall track. Zierer was also behind the two Shamu Express family coasters but hasn’t built a coaster for the company since Verbolten opened in 2012.