Back in February, Max Keller demonstrated Android running on the Nintendo Switch which he managed to port together with Billy Laws (ByLaws) although some of the Switch’s function didn’t work. Ever since then, we haven’t heard much but now, ByLaws shared a video demonstrating GPU acceleration which has rekindled interested in Android on the Switch!

Obviously, GPU acceleration on Android for the Switch is a pretty big deal as it allows for:

  • An Android experience that is much smoother and compatible with many more applications
  • The ability to play Android games on the Switch such as PUBG Mobile, Shadowgun, Tekken Mobile and other titles
    • Undoubtedly, the Switch would be able to run a lot of Android games pretty well thanks to its Nvidia Maxwell-based GPU

  • Turning your Switch into a better media consumption device since Android has much better applications than Horizon OS for doing such stuff
  • The DraStic emulator (DS) and other Android-exclusive software will become runnable on the Switch

Right now, there is no ETA on when a working build of Android for the Switch will be released if it’ll ever be. However, Billy Laws stated that he plans to release his work, at least on the GPU acceleration thing, when it’s ready which shows that a fully working Android build may come to fusee-gelee vulnerable Nintendo Switch consoles eventually.

As stated above, there’s no word on when anything will be released so don’t hold your breath for anything. For now, the only things you can do is follow Max Keller on Twitter and check the Switch Hacks subreddit along ByLaws’ Reddit profile for further updates.