Yesterday’s iOS/iPad OS 13 announcement was jam-packed full of features although the ones that stood out the most were probably the much-hyped dark mode, the significantly improved volume indicator and swipe keyboard.
However, there’s more than just these 3 features and a significant one for gamers is support for the PlayStation 4’s DualShock and XBOX One S controllers. This means if you have an iOS device, you can finally use existing controllers rather than have to shell out for significantly more expensive MFi controller, some of which even lack certain buttons

If you want to try out iOS 13, you’ll either have to wait till September to get the final release or you can jump on the beta bandwagon although getting developer betas this time is a bit trickier since there are no beta profiles available and installation must be done through an IPSW file via iTunes (as ironic as it may sound). Otherwise, you may check out the full feature list here.