Vita Moonlight, by d3m3vilurr, is a port of the Moonlight game streaming software which is an open-source implementation of Nvidia’s GameStream protocol.

Now, the Vita port of Moonlight has been updated to version 0.6.1 and this brings along:

  • A fix for the stream delay issue which was tested by ALC4pwn
    • This bug, which is not experienced by all users, is not present in versions older than Vita Moonlight 0.6
    • It consists of a high degree of delay/desync after a few minutes of gameplay regardless of what type of settings are used

If you’re affected by this bug, you can grab Vita Moonlight 0.6.1 from this link or wait until it’s uploaded to VitaDB so that you can get it via VHBB. d3m3villur can be donated to by following the PayPal link found here. Issues are to be reported in the Issues tab of the given GitHub download link.