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Thread: MAMEoXtras v2.1u2

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    Default MAMEoXtras v2.1u2

    MAMEoXtras v2.1u2 is released. MAMEoXtras is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system for the XBOX. This is an update to MameDOX based on Version 1.1. Featuring new updated driver work and brand spanking new skins. Contains coding by Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, destronger, cbagy, And BritneysPAIRS.

    MAMEoXtras v2.1u2 Changelog:

    New games now supported
    B.C. Story
    Choky! Choky!
    Cookie & Bibi
    DoDonPachi III

    Games now fixed and working
    F1 Super Lap
    Mysterious Stones - Dr. John's Adventure
    Risky Challenge

    Games now with improved sound
    Action Hollywood

    General Fixes And Improvements

    Via code from ShmupMAME fixed the bad graphical layer on level 1 in Batsugun and Batsugun Special
    Added a missing opcode for Ninja Baseball Batman fixes music on boss battles all through the game
    Sorted some game breaking graphical problems in Mysterious Stones - Dr. John's Adventure
    grant2258 fixed some sound synch problems in Midnight Resistance
    dink fixed some graphical problems in Risky Challenge
    Fixed via MAME the rowscrolling on the last level of U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker

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    The original Xbox has alot to offer still, it well supported, stable, and affordable to purchase if you don't have one yet, and easy to mod, and besides playing the games that it originally came with, once you have it customized, you will find it makes a great emulation box also, and one of the better emulators out there for it is the MAME port by Gamezfan and he recently updated and added more tweaks.

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