WebMSX v5.3.4 is released. WebMSX, or simply WMSX, is a new cross platform MSX emulator designed for the Web. WebMSX is great for displaying MSX software running inside webpages. You can launch the emulator and load ROMs, DSK and CAS images with a single link.

WebMSX Features:
* 9 Generic machines (MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+). NTSC 60Hz or PAL 50Hz
* Cross platform HTML5/JS. Runs in any Browser, tested in Chrome/Firefox/Safari
* Finally enjoy MSX games on your iPhone/iPad
* Customizable Touch Controls/Virtual Keyboard for mobile devices (iOS, Android)
* Install as a WebApp, then run offline
* Put games or any MSX software in webpages easily
* Show MSX software running with a single link to the WebMSX page
* Play Cartridge ROMs, Disk and Tape images
* Powerful Drag & Drop system for loading media files
* Load several disks at once and easily switch disks
* "Files as Disk" and "ZIP as Disk" emulation
* Savestates support. Export and share Savestate files
* Fully customizable Keyboard, Joysticks, Joykeys, Mouse and Touch controllers
* Joykeys support. Emulate MSX Joysticks using Host Keyboard
* Virtual buttons. Map Host Joystick buttons to MSX Keyboard keys
* Easily toggle extensions like SCC, PAC, DOS2, etc.
* Adjustable speed, Pause and Frame-by-frame advance. CPU Turbo mode
* Copy & Paste text, Screen Capture, Debug modes
* Resizable Screen, Full Screen mode
* Javascript API for loading media and machine control

WebMSX Changlog:
* Additional 5.37MHz (1.5x) CPU Turbo speed
* Light version with C-BIOS Machines
* CRT Scanlines simulation
* MegaRAM Extension (256KB - 2MB)
* Left-side Touch Control buttons
* Full Windowed mode (Shift + Alt + Enter)
* Screen Aspect (Pixel Aspect Ratio) changed to 1.14
* Improved Settings with increase/decrease values
* Hotkeys + Shift modifier: decrease values
* New External Config File. Easier setup of custom Machines and Extensions
* New Environment concept. Isolated savestates, configs, preferences
* Mouse pointer auto-lock in Fullscreen modes
* Bugfixes: SD Snatcher Melancholia and overscan games now work