A few weeks ago, hacker TheFlow released Trinity, the ultimate exploit suite for the latest PS Vita firmware 3.70.
Yesterday, the developer shared a writeup of the hack. With an impressive amount of vulnerabilities (6 of them) used to lead up to full access of the Vita system, this is a long and complex read.

The adventure starts with a kernel exploit in the PSP emulator, takes us into looking for Kermit vulnerabilities via a fuzzer, to ultimately defeat ASLR and craft an ARM Kernel exploit on the Vita CPU.
Old timers like me will enjoy the whole part related to controlling and escaping the PSP emulator through a MIPS Kernel exploit, then will appreciate getting totally lost in the deeper layers of the Vita kernel. In any case, for anybody interested in how gaming consoles are exploited, this is a must read!

The full writeup here: https://theofficialflow.github.io/20...8/trinity.html