Vita Homebrew Browser, VHBB in short, is a homebrew utility by devnoname120 for hacked PlayStation Vita and PSTV consoles that lets you download and install homebrew directly on your device.

Vita Homebrew Browser 0.90 is a pretty significant update and it comes with:

  • A search function so you can type in the name of the homebrew you want in order to find it easily
    • This is much quicker than having to scroll through long category lists

  • An auto-updater has been added so you needn’t update VHBB manually in the futureButton navigation has been improved and with this update, you can go down lists by holding the down button the D-Pad or using the left analogue stick

  • If you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot with a log-in page, the log-in page will now be opened automatically
  • The progress bar jumping around issue has been fixed
  • Some stability improvements
  • Most of the updates above were implemented by @robsdedude

VHBB 0.90 download link + changelog: