Major discounts on the Borderlands games has seen the last two titles in the franchise leap to the top of the charts before and during E3.
In fact, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has scored two weekly No.1s in a row, whereas Borderlands 2 made No.2 the week before E3, dropping to No.3 a week later.
Borderlands 2 also received new DLC last week as a means to set-up events for the upcoming Borderlands 3 in September. It all bodes well for the launch of 2K's upcoming title.
The Pre-Sequel rose 350 places during the week ending June 9th to take the top spot, and held the position for a second week.
Borderlands 2, meanwhile, rose 254 places to No.2, but was overtaken by Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for the week ending June 16th.
There were lots of discounts flying around the digital space before and during E3, which have significantly transformed the charts. For the week ending June 9th, Sony's price activity saw Spider-Man rise from 105th place to No.5, God of War jump from No.173 to No.10, and Detroit: Become Human go from No.293 to No.15.
This continued into the following week, with Spider-Man taking No.4, God of War holding No.10 and Detroit rising to No.13.
Microsoft held a similar sale which resulted in Forza Horizon 4 go from No.102 to No.23 for the week ending June 9th, and Sea of Thieves leap from No.83 to No.25. In the following week, Forza Horizon 4 rose further to No.17 (in which new Forza DLC was released featuring LEGO), whereas Sea of Thieves slipped slightly to No.29.
Other games that rose up during E3 week included Watch Dogs 2 and The Sims 4. New Sims content was featured at E3, while Watch Dogs 2 sequel Watch Dogs Legion was revealed.