• ReiNX 2.4 has been released and, thanks to this new update, @Reisyukaku and @EliseZeroTwo 's Switch custom firmware is now able to boot under OFW 8.1.0! Not much else has been added from the previous version but, if you're interested in DeltaLaunch, you'll be happy to know this update retains full compatibility with it. On a last note, @EliseZeroTwo, who should be credited for coding the changes made for this version, said that the next release will be "a big one", with emuMMC support planned alongside other features.

    The full official changelog is as follows:
    Quoted from Changelog:

    • 8.1 support
    • Added stabilityTM

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    If you're having trouble booting ReiNX, try to do a clean installation instead of overwriting the files on your microSD.

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