Even though PS3HEN been out for around 2 months, it’s still receiving updates and the most recent is PS3HEN 2.3.0 which was released yesterday. PS3HEN is a hack for noCFW PS3 consoles (minver of 3.60 or above) which lets you install homebrew/use CFW-like features and version 2.3.0 brings along:

  • Faster exploit initialisation thus resulting in a faster exploit overall
  • The HEN plugin has been updated with a fix to an infinite loop and with the ability to soft reboot the console if HEN doesn’t initialise properly
  • Some optimisations relating to stack size in syscalls were done, more blackscreen issues got fixed and the SELF Decryptor received some bug fixes among other minor changes found in the changelog (above)

To install PS3HEN 2.3.0, you may use the HEN Updater found in “Network->Hybrid Firmware Tools->PS3HEN Updater->Update PS3HEN” if you already have PS3HEN installed; if it isn’t, follow the instructions in this link. For more info on PS3HEN, check out PSX-Place’s excellent FAQ