For one reason or another, some games don’t make it outside Japan but Musou Stars (Warriors All-Stars) is a bit of a peculiar case since it got an English translation a few months after its initial release for the PS4 and PC but the PSVita port was left behind.

This game is a hack ‘n slash title developed by Omega Force, published by Koei Tecmo and is a cross-over based on the Warriors series of games. The game takes place in a kingdom that relies on a magical spring for its survival but after the king dies, the spring begins the wither and you have to find a way to save the spring and the kingdom. When it comes to characters, the game features 30 playable ones that come from a wide range of game series including Dead Or Alive, Nioh, Ninja Gaiden and more.

Back to the homebrew-related stuff, the English patch was initially released about 3 days by froid_san on Reddit in the form of rePatch files. As distributing the patched files themselves is illegal, a Windows patcher was released (also on Reddit) which is the legal way to go about installing patch.

Currently, the patch includes the most important things namely translations for text/images from the PC version although the game’s credits and title on the Vita’s save pop-up window are still in Japanese. Froid_san also notes that some text may appear squashed and dialogue windows have a word wrapping issue but from this video demonstrating the patch in action, it seems to work pretty well and the game is perfectly playable.

To grab and install the English patch for Musou Stars, check out this link and follow the instructions! Froid_san has also just released an English patch for The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince but there’s no installer for it yet so no links will be provided. UPDATE: An installer has been released here.