Do you like Pool and DOOM? Well, apparently YellowAfterLife does and he’s created a cross-over game featuring elements from both games called Pool [Of Doom!]. This game is a simple title written in GameMaker which can actually be a pretty fun way to pass a few minutes.In Pool [of Doom!], you’re dropped into a pool table with a cue stick as a ‘weapon’ and billiard/pool balls as your enemies. However, rather than shooting them to bits in order to eliminate them, you have to push them into pool table holes to get rid of them and score points! Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain any sound but perhaps someone will add the DOOM soundtrack which will make it 100 times better

The PSVita port was done by Tijesef who’s ported numerous GameMaker games to the console and from my short testing experience, it seems to work pretty well and maintains a pretty good framerate. Furthermore, the controls are nicely mapped so you’ll have no problem enjoying it.
To start banishing some pool balls into oblivion, check out this Reddit thread and grab the VPK.