70% of gamers surveyed in UK, France, Germany and Spain say they're not interested in a video game streaming services.
The data comes from the latest research conducted by Ipsos MORI's GameTrack survey, on behalf of GamesIndustry.biz.
15% of the surveyed gamers (defined as anyone playing games via any device) are interested in a Netflix-style streaming service for games in the four territories included in the study. The remainder either 'don't now' (12%) or already utilise a service akin to Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud (such as the current market leader, PlayStation Now).
Just 3% of gamers claimed to be 'very interested' in such a streaming service.
The country that is most intrigued in gaming streaming platforms is the UK with 23% of players claiming to be interested (although just 5% are 'very interested'), followed by France and Spain (14%).
German players are the least interested, with just 10% of gamers keeping an eye on the services and 75% who are not interested.
Interestingly, European gamers are not too concerned by the challenges of internet connection. GameTrack asked gamers across the four markets to agree or disagree with a series of statements, and 43% believe their 'internet connection is fast enough to stream games' (23% disagreed, with the remainder unsure). The UK is the market most bullish about its internet capabilities, with 54% agreeing that their internet connection is strong enough to stream games (the least confident market is France, where 37% agreed with the statement).
However, 32% of gamers across the territories said they 'would worry about my internet connection dropping, which would prevent me from streaming games', whereas 28% were not concerned by this. Interestingly, the UK (the market most confident that it can stream games) is also the territory most concerned about internet dropping out (45%).