• When you think emulator frontends, there's a high chance that RetroArch comes to mind. Its simple design and ease of use have made it an incredibly popular application, for years and years. And now, you'll be able to officially use RetroArch from the comfort of Steam. In an attempt to legitimize and grow their brand, Libretro will be releasing RetroArch on Steam, at the end of the month. It'll launch on July 30th, for free, and on Windows only, initially, with a Linux and MacOS version to follow shortly after. There won't be any difference between the Steam build and the one you can get normally on Libretro's official site, but the team is looking into incorporating features from Steam's platform in the future. This feature follows a recent RetroArch update, which lets users directly dump their official game discs to their computer, allowing for easy backups. You'll also be able to take a Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation 1, or 3D0 disc. put it in your PC's disc drive, and run it directly on RetroArch, with more consoles to be supported in the future.

    There are also plans in the works for developers of older IPs to release their games on Steam, through using RetroArch, though no further details are known about that yet.