• The Nintendo Switch Lite has just become the latest addition to the Nintendo hardware lineup, offering the ability to play Switch games, but in a smaller form-factor, and for a little less cost. Though we likely won't be seeing a "Switch Pro" any time soon, it appears that Nintendo is looking into making a few tweaks to the existing, original Switch model. Curiously, Nintendo has filed a Class II Permission Change with the United State's FCC, and according to those documents, it appears that the Big N wants to revamp the original Switch, with a slight change to its system-on-chip (SoC) and NAND (flash storage). Filing this claim with the FCC would allow for Nintendo to sell these refreshed consoles, while avoiding the process of re-certification, and being able to keep the hardware refresh under wraps.

    As to what this means for the end-user, it might not mean much of anything. On the other hand, some newer components could give a very slight boost to performance, possibly resulting in a system that doesn't run as hot, has faster load times, or maybe has a mild increase in battery life. We won't know anything official until Nintendo confirms it, or someone spots one of these upgraded models out in the wild. It wouldn't be the powerhouse people were hoping for in the rumored Switch Pro model, but with Doug Bowser confirming that the Switch Lite is the only new hardware we'll be seeing from Nintendo this year, it might be the best we can get.