In many hacking scenes, there’s a constant cat and mouse game going on with vulnerabilities being patched as soon as possible to thwart hacks and jailbreaks from being released. Now, the proverbial cat in the iOS jailbreaking scene has caught up a tad further as iOS 12.2 (and 12.1.3/4) are jailbroken thanks to nedwill’s tfp0 exploit!

Regarding updating, it’s recommended to wait a while before updating to iOS 12.2 from a jailbroken version of iOS namely because of two things which are:
◾ Ongoing testing on the Fortnight bug which affects restores to iOS 12.1.x with the iOS 12.2/3 SEP. It is currently unknown whether a restore to iOS 12.2 with the iOS 12.3.1 (current) SEP is affected by this bug or not◾ The bug consists of the inability to get past the lock screen after 2 weeks from the restore date. Apparently, it affects all devices and is only triggered if you have a passcode enbaled (Touch ID/Face ID require a passcode to function so if you have those enabled, the bug will be triggered as well)

◾Not all tweaks and tools are updated with support for iOS 12.2 so it’s a good idea to at least wait a week or two before updating. Furthermore, unc0ver 3.3.0 is still in pre-release stage so there’s a higher chance of something going wrong and ending up in a bootloop
◾If you decide to update, make sure you have SHSH blobs for iOS 12.2 and your n0nce set in case of any issues occuring!

If you’re on iOS 12.3/12.3.1, you’re out of luck but some developments may occur after iOS 12.4’s release as it will most probably patch some kernel vulnerabilities
On a concluding note, there’s even more good news relating to iOS jailbreaking as pwn20wnd will be bundling @jakesashacks’ kernel-level jailbreak detection bypass named Shadowize RootFS with unc0ver 3.4.0 which will be released after iOS 12.1.3-12.2 support is stabilised.
Unc0ver 3.3.0 Pre-Release IPA (with support for iOS 12.1.3-12.2):
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