In this exciting series we'll be following the construction of Tornado Springs, a new area that's opening at Paultons Park in May 2020. Tornado Springs will feature a variety of new rides and experiences all set within a heavily themed area based on 1950's America.

In episode two of this construction series I head into the Tornado Springs construction site for the first time, where I take a look at the work that's taking place at the moment. This includes the foundations for the parks new Mack Rides Spinning Roller Coaster called Storm Chaser. Along with this I also reveal more details about the area and the rides within it along with sharing more of the construction taking place on the various other rides in the area.

Here at Theme Park Worldwide we look forward to working with Paultons Park throughout the entire construction phase and bringing various on site updates all the way through until the opening of Tornado Springs in May 2020.