Following an article on the bounty for GPU acceleration in RetroArch and its cores on the PlayStation Vita, various individuals pledged some money to it in a last attempt to strengthen the Vita’s emulation capabilities. Now, the bounty’s value has increased by over $560 and Frangar has just made some significant progress that we’ll look at in this article!

  • Frangar is thinking about writing a GXM specific HW rendering driver for PCSX-ReARMed allowing for rendering of some PS1 games at higher resolutions for a better quality imageShaders in 2D emulators on the PSVita are closer than ever thanks to Frangar’s recent work! (Source)

  • A status update, published a short while ago, in which Frangar discuss the progress he’s already done. This includes:
    • Getting Runtime Shader Compilation to work which is instrumental in allowing cores, such as ones for the SNES/GBA, to make use of filters and shaders on the PSVita thus making games look better in some instances.
    • The Vita2D driver has been updated to the latest version
    • Scissoring support for the menu driver is being implemented. This is used for rendering the Ozone driver (Switch-esque UI) and menu widgets
    • A promise to take a look at the Ozone driver and menu widgets presumably after finishing the scissoring support mentioned above
    • Apparently, the final RetroArch driver will be based on Vita2D not GXM/VitaGL as was initially stated. An HW context for cores and shader pipelines will be implemented to it as well