lantus has ported Diablo to the Nintendo Switch:

Diablo build for modern operating systems. This is the Nintendo Switch Port. It's still in Beta as i continue to map the controls over from the PC version

How To Play:

Extract contents of release into SDMC:\switch\diablo-nx
Copy DIABDAT.MPQ from original Diablo game disc or GOG version.
Launch diablo-nx.nro


Left Analog : Move Hero
Right Analog : Simulate Mouse
B : Attack nearby enemies, talk to towns people and merchants. Pickup & Drop items in inventory.
Y : Pickup gold, potions & equipment from ground, open chests and doors that are nearby. Use item when in inventory (read books etc.).
X : Cast Spell, Previous Menu
A : Inventory
R : Character
ZR : Drink Mana Potion
ZL : Drink Heal Potion
Minus : Automap
Plus : Game Menu

There are lots of bugs. Check issues on the code repo.