• As the years go by, PlayStation 3 emulation has become more and more viable, as the hardworking team behind the PS3 emulator RPCS3 continues to make major updates and breakthroughs. The most recent addition to the emulator is a WIP feature that allows users to remove the framerate cap for certain games, causing them to run at a smoother framerate than they did on original hardware. It's important to note that this won't affect every game in the PS3's library, though there are a few games that already make use of this removed fps limit without doubling the internal game speed. In the above video test, we can see Ni no Kuni, Tony Hawk Project 8, Sega Rally, Batman Arkham Asylum, Shadow of the Colossus, and Ferrari Challenge running at or around 60fps; a higher framerate than how they played on the PS3.

    Three ways to get double fps cap (game dependant):

    • Double Clocks Scale value.
    • Double Vblank Rate.
    • Double Vblank Rate and halve Clocks Scale.

    NOTE: it's possible that a game may rely only on timers and not vblank for frame capping, changing time scale in this case will affect the speed of playability as well.
    Or even use another method for fps capping unsupported at the moment.
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    According to others who have tried out recent builds of RPCS3, Final Fantasy XIII, Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus, and perhaps most shockingly of them all, Red Dead Redemption, work too, though some of these games still aren't fully playable even at 30fps yet. The framerate override hasn't been officially added into the feature list for main builds, but if you're curious enough to want to test it out yourself, you can do so by using one of the master builds of the emulator.

    To enable it, you'll have to edit each game's configuration file (that you want to try it with) at /config/custom_configs/. Look for the line VBlank Rate: 60, and replace 60 with an integer multiple of it, e.g. 120. If the game was originally 30 fps capped, this will raise the cap to 60 fps (to it's double).

    This feature is still in heavy research and will probably improve even further, hopefully making even more games compatible and uncapped
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